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Mistress Ingrith

Professional Dominatrix and Mistress in London.
Cruel and sadistic Domme available in London to dominate, humiliate and degrade submissive men and slaves like you.

  • You have an ultimate Alpha Female in front of you, so approach Me with respect.

  • I am well established London professional Mistress, experienced Dominatrix, Goddess, Fetish Queen, and Disciplinarian.

  • I describe Myself as experienced, serious, strict and seductive with sadistic and wicked side.

Remember that domination is not all pain, and humiliation. 

Domination starts off as a thought process that extends to physical exploration.

As a professional London Mistress, I will listen to you, I will learn about your fantasies, fetishes and desires and create a service to your individual needs.

As a professional London Dominatrix I cater for specific fetishes such as corporal punishment, cuckolding, cross dressing, sissification, domestic chores, feet, shoes, smoking, makeup, satin, body worship, trampling, pony play, leather, etc.

I am a serious Pro-Domme offering specific services based on domination, discipline, humiliation and degradation. These services and fetishes are dished out to submissive men, women non-binary people and couples.

You will be completely mine, I will own your body, mind and soul. You will surrender to my will and fulfil my every wish obediently.

I will get under your skin and to your head to the point that you won't be able to think about anything else, just how to satisfy me and fulfil my every desire. 

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