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My interests

Dinner dates

I am university educated (Business Degree), well spoken and extremely intelligent. All of the above makes Me a perfect companion to a business meetings, dinners, work functions and parties. Im always immaculately dressed with perfect makeup and something small and kinky in My handbag ;)

Corporal punishment:

My absolute favorite type of play, I will push your pain threshold above your imagination. Just one rule, don’t you dare to scream. I hate screaming babies.
Belt, cane, crop, flogger, hair brush, spanking paddle, or just my cruel palm.

Slave training

I will teach you and shape you into a perfectly useful slave who will do exactly as I please and entertain me just to my own amusement.
Domestic servitude during the session, maid services during the session.

Humiliation and degradation

I have incredible talent to make little maggots like you feel small and worthless. My most favorite entertainment is to make my slaves cry like a baby. I will get under your skin and into your head.
Objectification, pet roles (cat, dog, pig…), kneeling, crawl on 4’s, curse words and verbal humiliation, face spitting, slapping, hair pulling, forced nudity, forced crossdressing.


I might use rope, I might use restraints… so many possibilities, but I can guarantee that if I command you to stay still you will obey.
Tie and tease, rope, restraints, scarves, handcuffs, collar, and leash.

Sensory deprivation

I like to look into your terrified eyes when I play with you so I rarely use blindfolds. My favorite is eye contact restriction… tell me how long have you managed to keep your gaze in one spot? Start practicing now because you will do it for hours and hours while I punish your worthless little self.
Eye contact restriction, speech restriction, blindfold, mask, hood, gag ball.

Psychological domination and humiliation

What really turns me on is not what I can do to your body but rather what I can do to your mind. My voice will stay in your head for a long time after our session together.
Behaviour control and modification, scolding, bullying, blackmail fantasies (only during our session), small penis humiliation.

Financial domination

Based around a budget with a defined set of rules communicated with a formal contract.


If I’m in a good mood I might let you worship my feet. I enjoy gentle massages now and then and If you are lucky enough I will let you paint my toenails, just better do a good job otherwise you will paint yours to practice first.
Foot, boot, and shoe worship, foot massage, toenails painting.

Anal training

Tight newbie or well-used hole, I will train you to take even more while you love every minute of it.
Anal pegging with strap on (slow and sensual or hard and rough), but plugs, vibrators.

CBT and NT

You will surrender most venerable parts of your body just for my personal amusement. I will use different types of devices just to see tears in your eyes.
Clamps, pin-wheel, slapping, pinching, kicking, trampling, and many more…

Tease and denial and orgasm denial

Performed in latex/leather gloves. For all my lovely lady subs I have a variety of vibratos, bullets, and rabbits.

Sissy training and feminisation

I am a professional makeup artist and I specialize in transgender makeup. I will show you how to do MTF transformation with the use of professional makeup products and wigs.  We can add as much kink to it as you like, for me personally the more the better.
For transformation and play, we will need at least 2hr long session. It takes time to look fabulous and I like my sissies looking flawless.


Your masochistic imagination is my sadistic playground, inspire me.
Secretary, student, bitch-boss, interrogation scene…

Double Dom sessions 
Cuckolding sessions
Forced BI sessions

Possible when booked in advance with Oz Bigdownunder

The most important thing is

I offer BDSM services ONLY, I do not allow intimate body worship, no sexual activity (intercourse, oral sex, rimming, or even kissing). During the entire session, I will stay fully clothed and you are not permitted to touch my body without consent or direction however you will willingly submit your body, mind, and soul to me as we play within your agreed limits.

My interests: Resume
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